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PsychU, improving mental health care...together

ISPN is now a Supporting Organization of PsychU, a free online community and resource library for mental health professionals.

PsychU is the new online community and knowledge library dedicated to understanding and improving quality of care for individuals with mental illnesses. Through the free exchange of information, experience, and ideas, PsychU aims to shift the trajectory of mental health care by bringing together psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, clinicians, care managers, pharmacists, payers, academics, and all professionals involved in providing, financing, or regulating mental health care services.

  • Need information on treatment efficacy for Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder?
  • Want to find and attend nationwide events and virtual forums featuring live discussions among leading mental healthcare experts?
  • Looking for information on treatment best practices from payers and health plans?

With new articles, resources, and member contributions added each day, has already become one of the industry’s most-- ]visited online libraries for psychiatrists, clinical teams, payers, and mental health professionals. Not a member? Join free now and gain immediate access to thousands of resources!


SymptomMedia, visual learning for behavioral health

Symptom Media is an online mental health film library available via subscription streaming. Symptom Media's library of over 160 films guided by the DSM 5 and ICD provide viewers with training tools critical for symptom recognition. These innovative films offer visual guideposts to better understand what a particular mental health diagnosis looks like and decrease stigma for those facing psychological issues. Ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, the films are currently integrated into training courses, individual and group therapy sessions, lectures, and other educational formats across the country.  To learn more and view trailers, please visit

New training tools in SymptomMedia’s online library of mental health education and training:

•  “Depression Assessment Series: Assessment to Evaluate Insight or Treatment in Patients with Depression A-1”, a five-part training tool in its online mental health education and training library.
•  "Gun Safety Assessment Series," an eight-part training tool in its online mental health education and training library.
•  “New Substance Use Assessment Series”

and much more...