”Why I Joined ISPN”


Susan Lee Benson, DNP, PMHCNS/FNP-BC

It's a tough job being a nurse who engages with brain disordered people.  It's made easier with alliances with affirming colleagues around the world who share the same values and are willing to share their expertise and experience of change.

~ Susan Lee Benson, DNP, PMHCNS/FNP-BC




Barbie Frechette, DNP, PMHNP

I have found the annual ISPN conferences extremely valuable. The plenary sessions they  provide touch upon relevant topics that enhance my role as an educator and clinician.  In addition, I have found the organization has helped me experience a sense of camaraderie with my peers. I look forward to continuing the supportive mentoring and networking that ISPN provides.

~ Barbie Frechette, DNP, PMHNP




Holly Hillburn, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC

The International Society for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses has played a vital role in my successful transition from a masters student to an independent psychiatric nurse practitioner. Through membership, I have gained a supportive network of experienced advanced practice psychiatric nurses who have provided me with mentorship and encouragement. ISPN has been an invaluable resource and continuously enriches my clinical practice.

~ Holly Hillburn, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC





ISPN's visionary soul embraces personal and professional growth through the celebration of relationships, relational skills and collective humanity. Let us never neglect our relational rootedness. In facing contemporary harsh demands, let us progress forward, nurturing and leading all with whom we have to do; large and small, individuals, communities and cultures.  "Let's bring soul to the whole of society!" Thomas Moore

~ Dr. Kathleen McCoy, PMHNP/CNS/FNP-BC FAANP